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What is lab?

Matzielab is a container for creativity. Here ideas are kept. Random scripts, websites, designs. Something useful, something fun, something in between? This place is sometimes more art than science.

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Who is lab?

Matzielab is created by Mathias Eriksson.
I'm 22 years old, from Sweden, very curious, somewhat creative. Rides a skateboard, plays guitar and works as a web developer in Amsterdam.

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Here's random stuff that actually made it into reality from being in my brain. I constantly come up with ideas in any kind of field, in any kind of way. But not all of them become real, i don't think there's enough time in space for that.



My blog where i sometimes write whatevers... Beware of the monster!

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The custom CMS of Matzielab. You can peek inside with user: guest password: datHack

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(215) 988-6203


Something i imagined a long time ago. Can turn most stuff into any color you can imagine.


IP color


Turns your IP address into a color. And yes, the pun was very much intended.

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Old drawing app where you draw with letters.




One of my first android games. Puzzling levels. No longer maintained, but might be fun if you're into old bad apps.

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"Hejsan Svejsan"
(a form of hello in swedish)

If you need to get a hold of me, here's the way to do it! Just fill in this form and hocus pocus, your message have been sent to Matzielab.